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Peters Finger, Finger Lane

Trade Directories
Directory Year / Page No Name Occupation Residence Street/Road
Samuel Bagshaw 1851 Page 378 Pritchard George Victualler Peter's Finger Finger Lane
Slaters 1859 Page 12 Ketley Francis Public House Keeper Peter's Finger Inn
Post Office 1863 Page 681 Ketley Francis Publican Peter's Finger Finger Lane
Slaters 1868 Page 30 Kettle Francis Publican Peter's Finger Finger Road
Post Office 1870 Page 48 Ketley Francis Peter's Finger Finger Lane
Edward Cassey 1871 Page 138 Ketley Francis Publican Peter's Finger Finger Lane

(Note: "Kettle" in Slaters 1868 maybe a misprint).

Census 1841 William Smallman Publican Finger Road
Census 1851 Pritchard George Inn Keeper Finger Road
Census 1861 Ketley Francis Inn Keeper Peter's Finger Finger Road
Census 1871 Ketley Francis Publican Peter's Finger Finger Road
Census 1881 Vowles Samuel  Licence Victualler Peter's Finger Finger Road

This field map of 1840 shows the position of Peter's Finger on the five ways junction at the Finger and marked on the map as P.H. The Queen's Arms is the next building above, but is not marked as a public house.

1840 map The Finger

Haughmond Villa is the short row of three houses on the right facing the road.

The Finger 001

The photograph above is of a couple of houses called Haughmond Villa, built in 1906 on the site of an old pub called Peter’s Finger. The Finger is a field by a junction of five roads; recorded as Peter’s Finger in 1833, it refers to the signpost, with five fingers, which once stood here. From there came the name of Finger Road. Another anecdote for the name of the area is that the original pub sign was a picture of St. Peter, with his arm and finger raised, giving a blessing. It is also claimed that back in the time of the Hundred Years War, and particularly, the Battle of Agincourt, a previous inn on the site had been kept by an English longbow man from that battle, named Peter. It is believed that the French were in the habit of cutting off the arrow shooting fingers of captured English and as a gesture of defiance, the bowmen gave the two fingered salute. Landlord Peter was long after, still in the habit of using this gesture.

The pub is not named in 1841, but from its position to the Queen’s Arms, we can safely assume it was there and William Smallman was the landlord. In 1851, George Pritchard had taken over and in 1861 & 1871, Francis Ketley was landlord who was the father of Francis William Ketley; a landlord from the Queen’s Arms.

It was not listed in a census after the 1881, when Samuel Vowels was landlord.


Embedded in the chimney of Haughmond Villa is this stone on which is carved the initials W.T.A. and the date 1752. This is believed to come from the original Peter’s Finger public house and the date is possible the date it was built.