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The Dog in the Lane

From Part of the 1901 Ordnance Survey Map

Old Park 1901
1, Spout Farm 2,Wesleyan Chapel 3,Old Park Off license

Little is known about the Dog in the Lane except that it is listed in the first three censuses. We cannot fix its location accurately except that in all three censuses we know that it is close to the Spout Farm. It may have been the large building along the lane between numbers one and three and referred to in recent times as “Clements”. See No. 1 in the map of Old Park above. (The road marked blue is Park Road which runs from Dawley Bank to Hollinswood.)

Spout Farm was situated where the Civic Offices or Malinslee House that it is called, now stand and was along the lane called Spout Lane in the 1841 and 1851 censuses. In the 1861 census the lane is called Plough Road. There is no record of the pub after 1861.

In 1841 it was occupied by Robert Williams; in 1851 William Bishton and in 1861, Thomas Guy.

The Beer Shop – Old Park

Again, little is known about this beer shop in Old Park. It is only mentioned in the 1891 census and was situated close too, and on the same side of the road, to the Wesleyan Chapel; number 2 in the map. In 1891, it was occupied by John Riley.

The Off Licence – Old Park

The Off Licence at Old Park was situated near to Park Road and is indicated by point number three on the map. We know from the Return of Licensed Houses of 1901 that it was first licensed on 5th March 1877, and we first find it mentioned in the census of 1881 where John Bailey was the occupier. In 1891 it was occupied by Esther Bailey and in 1901 by her nephew; John Bailey. In 1911 it was occupied by John Ernest Watkiss.

In 1901, it was owned by Cooper & Co. from Burton on Trent. On June 4th 1894, proceedings were taken against the landlord at that time, for selling beer and allowing same to be drunk on the highway near to the premises. It looks as if it was Esther Bailey and she was found ten shillings with four shillings and six pence costs.