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Station Road Dawley

Brandlee Chapel

Brandlee Methodist New Connexion Chapel, Dawley

This large chapel was built in 1822 following a religious revival in the area. The chapel building was supported by Benjamin Tranter, a Wesleyan agent of the Coalbrookdale Co. Eventually the chapel closed & the building was demolished in 1937.

Station Road

Days Sanitary Pipe Works, Brandlee, Dawley.

This postcard courtesy of Ray Farlow.
Station Road

The brick works on the right started life in the 1790s by The Coalbrookdale Co to make fire bricks and was known as the White Brick Works, the Coalbrookdale Co sold it circa 1900 to Days' Automatic Waste Water Closet & Sanitary Pipe Syndicate Co. Ltd, a Wolverhampton firm, They made mostly sewerage pipes of about a foot diameter, you can see them stacked up in the field, we had two of these pipes one either side of are front door stuck in the ground and used as plant pots, The brick works closed 1915 and was demolished.

Station Road 2

This view of station Road is in almost the same position as the photo above but from the 1950/60’s

Photo courtesy of Malcolm Peel.

Station Road Day's.

Chimney stack at Days Sanitary Pipe Works. Horsehay, Salop.
Built & Felled by Mr Will Shepherd, Brandlee, Dawley, Salop.
Height of Stack from concrete Foundation to Top = 155 Feet
Approximate Weight = 650 Tons

Station Road Day's.

Completed - Jan 29th 1898 Felled - July 22nd 1916

Proceeds from sale of these Cards to be given to Red Cross Found.

Station Road 142

The Potteries & Roundhouse Horsehay Dawley.

Station Road 002