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Malinslee Church

St Leonard’s C. of E. Built 1805, by Isaac Hawkins Browne and Thomas Gisborne. With money left by Brown’s great- grandfather. It is an octagonal building made from local sandstone with a west tower. It closely resembles Madeley’s St Michael’s Church built in 1794 by Thomas Telford, John Simpson who often did work for Thomas Telford, constructed St Leonard’s, but it is not certain whether Telford was involved with the design.

In 1883, a mission room was built on the south side of the churchyard because the church felt the need to do something positive to deal with the increasing problem of drunkenness in the Dawley Bank area. The mission hall later became a conventional church hall, occupying a corner spot along ‘Church Road’ until demolition in 1974. The church gallery had to be extended in the 1830’s to make room for a further two hundred worshipers.

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