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Langley School Dawley

Langley School

This Photo was given to the Dawley History Group by Ray Farlow who’s father taught at the school.

Langley School 01
Langley School 02
Langley School 03

Langley Board School opened in 1878 for the education of local children from infants to age 14, eventually catering for 600 pupils at its height. It closed for mainstream education in 1976 when the new Langley school opened at Malinslee. The original building is now Mount Gilbert special school.

In Dave Gregory's book - A pig on the wall view of Dawley he states:- "In the late 1800's a board school was compulsorily formed to oversee public day school provision in the parish, chairman was W.G. Norris, a manager of the Coalbrookdale Co. The board opened a new school in 1878 on the edge of a spoil mound close to Langley Field colliery. At the start the school accommodated 81 older boys, 76 older girls and some 80 infants".

In the Ken Jones book - Pitmen Poachers' and Preachers he states:- "A board school was set up at Langley in 1878. In 1886, the relief committee set up to ease hardship in the district commenced to give dinners at Langley school on Wednesdays and Fridays, The boys had bread, cheese and milk".