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High Street

High Street 015
Dawley High St Coronation 1902 01

Dawley High Street in 1902, A display for the Coronation of King Edward

Dawley High St Coronation 1902 03

This photo is the same arch as the photo above but from the other side, note the large chimney behind the houses, it must be part of the Paddock colliery which closed 1887.

High Street 016

This card is of the preparations for the Coronation of King George the V which was on 22nd June 1911. it was given to Gwendoline Jones on her birthday and tells her that her father is on it, I think he is the man on the left in the straw hat. On the 1911 census Gwendoline is 13 and Herbert Slaney Jones is 46.

High Street 53 01

Number 53 High Street, with Slaney Jones standing in the doorway with one of he’s daughters, the first time I found him in Kelly's directory is in 1891 and is still there in 1941 so was an ironmonger for over 50 years, he had a glass-roofed building built next door were he’s wife Minnie sold chinaware including Captain Matthew Webb memorabilia.

High Street 017
High Street 50 01

Number 50 High Street, David Alfred Pugh in the 1917 Kelly's directory he is a draper 50 High street & Dun Cow P.H. New street, before this, in 1913 he is a draper at 10 & 12 High Street, but by 1926 he’s a beer retailer in George Street (The Royal Oak),

High Street 030
High Street 30 01

Number 30 High Street, in 1913 it was Alfred Lewis’s butchers shop and in 1926 it was advertised as Lewis & Son but by 1937/41 it was John Lewis’s butchers, it later became a newsagents.

High Street 036
HS 017

This view of the High Street is dated from 1900 or before, the building on the right with the sliding doors is now Trendsetters, the other part of building to the left of this sliding door was demolished and a new building was built and now as the Launderette and Parry Carver there, previously Jarvis (see photo below). The building just to the left of the banner is where the Seven Stars was.

The photo is from the Dawley Book page 28

High Street 23 01

Number 23 High Street, in 1913 Mrs. Elizabeth Palmer is listed as a fishmonger, in 1926 George Ernest Richard is now the fishmonger, in 1934/37 Albert L Boyle is a fruiterer there, but as we can see in this picture in circa 1960 that Jarvis as their name above the door.

High Street 040
High Street 19 01

Phillips's Stores Limited, grocers & tea dealers, 19 High Street. They were there in Kelly’s 1909 and still there in Kelly’s 1941, from a previous photograph it looks like they moved next door to number 21 High Street in the 50’s or 60’s.

High Street 044
Dawley High St Coronation 1902 02

Dawley High Street in 1902, A display for the Coronation of King Edward

High Street 042
High Street 048
High Street 16 01

Number 16 High Street, William Bailey's Butchers shop form 1913 to 1937, it later in 1941 became Frederick Norgrove’s shop.

High Street 052
High Street 056
High Street 053
HS 13 a

George Thomas Powell standing out side his shop at 13 High street, he lived at 27 chapel street with his wife Elizabeth, he was a house painter as well as a general dealer.

High Street 060
High Street 062
High Street 063 High Street 10 and 12

David Alfred Pugh standing in front of he’s draper’s shop at 10 and 12 High Street, Dawley, in 1913. In 1926 Reuben Evans took over number 10 and number 12, and later it became Lloyds Bank with Frank Cottrell as manager.


Preece’s shoe shop number 4 High street Dawley, it all started with Benjamin Moses Preece born 1843 at Bridgnorth, in the 1861 census his father Francis was a shoe maker and Benjamin M aged 17 was also a shoe maker but his older brother Joseph was a carpet weaver, Benjamin M must of moved from Bridgnorth shortly after 1861, because on the 28th Sep 1863 he married Ann Morrall at Wellington Parish Church, Ann aged 18 in the 1861 census was living at Coppice Houses Old Park her Occupation was coal miner!.

In the 1871 census Benjamin M is working as a Boot & Shoemaker with Ann and their two children Benjamin aged 6 and Sarah Ann aged 4, they are living in Dawley High street but not at number 4, they are on the opposite side of the street and possibly in Burton street? In the 1881 census they are living in Meadow Well Lane, Benjamin M is still a Boot & Shoe Maker with Benjamin junior working as a Shoe Maker's Apprentice.

At some time between 1881 and 1885 Benjamin Moses moved in to number 4 High street.

On The 21st Sep 1890 Benjamin junior married Sarah Ruscoe and by 1891 they are living in Madeley.

By 1891 Benjamin Moses had shops in High street Dawley, Market Place Madeley, and Tontine Hill Ironbridge.

In 1895 Benjamin Moses is advertising he’s Market Place Madeley shop as Preece & Son.

In 1900 Benjamin Moses is advertising he’s Dawley High street shop as Preece & Son.

Benjamin Moses Preece died on the 25th Aug 1919.

High Street 070