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Doseley Frame Lane Row

Frame Lane, Doseley (c) 1905.

Frame Lane Row, 8 Houses built in the 1830’s by The Coalbrookdale Company for brick workers.

Doseley 022

doseley 023

Doseley Bath 001

Doseley Bath 002

Doseley Bath 004

Doseley Bath 003

Doseley Bath Spout

Photo courtesy of Dawley History group.

Doseley Church 004

Doseley Church 001

Doseley Church 002

Doseley Church 003

Doseley Church 007

Doseley Quarry

The Quarry Doseley.

Doseley Quarry 2

Photo courtesy of Malcolm Peel.

Doseley Halt 008

Doseley Halt.

Doseley Halt 009

Doseley Halt 010

Photo courtesy of Malcolm Peel.

Doseley Halt 010

Photo Internet.

Pool Hill 135

Pool Hill School 002

Pool Hill School 001

Pool Hill School, Dawley

Samuel Cookson built the school in circa 1845 for the Coalbrookdale Company, he used the same Gothic style as he did for the warehouse on the banks of the Severn at Dale End in © 1834. The school was completely rebuilt in 1913, so that is why you see two different looking buildings. The was a fire on 1st August 1977 and as a result had to be demolished.

The three pictures above were taken before 1913 and the one below was taken after.

Pool Hill School 003

Doseley Glenmore.

Glenmore House School, Pool Hill Road, Doseley 1910 (c) run by Mrs Jane Gough, now called Hartfield House.

Doseley Glenmore 02

Doseley Glenmore, News 153. Wellington Journal - Saturday 15 February 1908

Doseley Glenmore, News 153B.
Wellington Journal - Saturday 09 May 1908