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Wallows, Dawley

Coalbrookdale Company.
Coal & Ironstone c1817 - c1882

Wallows 1901

1901 Map

Side by side map of  🡪 Wallows, Dawley

The Wallow pit was one of the Coalbrookdale Companies “deep” mines which was sunk to supply the new furnaces at the Castle ironworks with Clod coal and ironstone, it was probably sunk by c1817, Clod coal had been exhausted by 1850 and the Double coal by c1867, the pit was closed by c1882.

Ivor Brown in his “Catalogue of Mimes” says it only produced Coal, and also old maps say it was a Coal mine, but it must have also wound Ironstone, the waste mound is too big to be just a Coal mine, I found a reference to the pit in the—
Wellington Journal - Saturday 27 June 1863.

Dawley. Accident At Stone Pit. —On Monday morning last, a fall of earth took place at the wallow Stone Pit, belonging to the Coalbrookdale Company, by which two men, named Benjamin Evans and John Williams, were severely injured, the former having his leg broken in addition to other injuries. Several others escaped with bruises only.

And again in 1867 accident —
Wellington Journal - Saturday 01 June 1867.

Another Pit Accident. —Yesterday week a man named Ralph Williams, living in Holloway Lane, met with a sad accident whilst following his employment as miner, at the Wallows Pit, in the Coalbrookdale Company’s field. The accident was occasioned by a fall of earth from the roof of the mine, which came down suddenly on the poor fellow, breaking his ribs and crushing him very severely; he was brought up the pit as carefully as possible by his companions, and taken home in a cart. The field surgeon, Mr. C. B. H. Soame, was immediately sent for, but unfortunately he was in attendance upon a case at Madeley Wood Union House, and some delay was necessarily involved in procuring proper surgical aid.