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Buckatree Colliery

Owner: James Groom.
1899 closed 1902

Buckatree Colliery

1882 Map

Side by side map of    Buckatree Colliery

The Coalbrookdale Co. took 21-year leases of the coal and ironstone mines in 1847 and 1868. By 1882, however, the only active pit in Little Wenlock was immediately south of the road from New Works to Lawley, and it too had closed by 1901. By then there had been a revival of small-scale mining nearby. The Buckatree and the New Works collieries opened between 1882 and 1901. The Buckatree colliery closed in 1902.

Advertisements in the Wellington Journal from 1899 to 1902.

Wellington Journal - Saturday 16 December 1899 Buckatree Add C

Wellington Journal - Saturday 31 March 1900 Buckatree Add B

Wellington Journal - Saturday 08 February 1902 Buckatree Add A