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Botany Bay Colliery

Botany Bay Pit

1882 Map

Side by side map of    Botany Bay Colliery

Botany Bay Colliery was owned by the Coalbrookdale Company, it opened ca 1810 to supply cod coal and iron stone to the Dawley Castle blast furnaces which was blown in during 1810, It was also linked by canal to Horsehay and Coalbrookdale and later by tramway which also included Lightmoor.

The whole of the pit stock was advertised in the Wellington Journal - Saturday 11 December 1886.

Botany Bay, Near Southall, Dawley.
Mr. Edwin Clayton

Is instructed by Messrs. Franks and Richards to Sell by
Auction, on Wednesday Next, Dec. 15, 1886,
The whole of the pit Stock, Blowing Tools,
Hay, Carriage, Splendid Iron Coffers,
Gearing, and Effects, comprising – 2 Sets Cart Gears, 2
Sets Chain ditto, 2 Sets Tandem ditto, lot of odd ditto, 2
Corn Coffers, 24 Baskets, 22 Dans, quantity of Ledges and
Sills, 22 Dressers, 8 Sets Blowing Tools, 12 Iron Crowbars,
Iron Box, 2 Iron Tubs, Horse Box, 12 Sets Footing Chains,
14 Hammers, 12 Franks, 36 Shovels, Oil Cans, 3 Davy
Lamps, 90 Squares, Quantity of Old Iron, and other Effects.
Sale to commence at 1-30 prompt.