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The Three Bushes, the Seven Stars and the White Horse.

Are the three public houses mentioned above in the same place at Dawley Bank? From information found in a bound indexed list of deeds and documents relating to properties in Telford now belonging to Telford Development Corporation, found in Wellington library. On page thirteen of this book, is a list of eleven deeds relating to a Messuage at Dawley Bank; clearly stating that they include the Public House known as the Three Bushes, later part of 51 – 52 Bank Road.

These houses on Bank Road, formerly called Dawley Green Lane, are the last houses before the Queens Arms, and knowing the census enumerator’s rout, we can relate them and other properties in the various censuses, to the Queens Arms.

In the 1861 census, we find an establishment named the White Horse and John Attwood was the landlord. In-between this and the Queen’s Arms, where William Judge was the landlord, we find nine dwellings. In the 1871 census, we find the Seven Stars with William Hill as landlord and seven dwellings in between, (2 uninhabited). Also in these two censuses, we find the families of George Powis and George Chapman. Apart from the Queen’s Arms, no other public houses are mentioned in this part of Bank Road, in later censuses.

I have not found any other reference to these three pubs, and allowing that buildings were demolished and built over time, it is possible that all three establishments were in the same place.

Bank Road 51 52 Schedule

Bank Road 51 52