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Robert Collingwood, Age 23

Private, Plymouth 15571, Royal Marine Light Infantry.

Royal Marine Light Infantry
Royal Marine Light Infantry, Badge.
Robert Collingwood 1893-1916
Robert Collingwood.

Thomas and Robert had been born at Horsehay, but Thomas was living at 82 Park Lane, Madeley at the time of his enlistment, and Robert had joined the RMLI in 1912. Their parents George and Catherine Ann had immigrated to Canada as their address is given as Front Street, Aylmer, Quebec.

catherine ann
Catherine Ann, Thomas and Robert's mother.

Robert had been born on 28th July 1893 in Shropshire and was an "Iron Works Labourer" when he enlisted on the 19th January 1912. He joined H.M.S. "Lion" on 10th August 1913 and is marked in records as 'Royal Marine Division', according to his service records his time in her (H.M.S Lion) was continuous up to 2nd June 1916, H.M.S. "Lion" was heavily engaged during the Battle of Jutland. & Pte Collingwood was fatally wounded during the action. A heavy shell struck "Q Turret" killing most of the guns crew (R.M.). Major Harvey, R.M.L.I., who was dying; ordered a nearby magazine to be flooded and so saved the ship from destruction (he was awarded a posthumous V.C.). The R.M. strength aboard "Lion" has been put at around 63 (O.R.'s) of these 50 were killed or died of wounds and 13 were said to have survived the action.

HMS Lion 1915.
Collingswood R PLY15571 HS
Robert’s head stone at Queensferry Cemetery.

On 3rd June 1916, 3 days after the battle, Robert was transferred from HMS Lion to shore at Queensferry, where he died of his wounds on 4th June 1916, the entry in his record shows "DD" (Discharged Dead). Robert is buried in Queensferry Cemetery, East Lothian.


victory-medal britishwar-medal
Victory Medal British War Medal